What is Website Content Locking? Do We Need It?

Content LockerContent locking feature is used on a website/blog when you want to prevent copying of content by visitors. Many web developers, or anyone who know basic content copy methods can easily copy your website content and place on their website.

One of the major benefits of website content locking is, it helps grow your mailing list and forces a visitor to take an action (like, clicking on an advertisement, sharing a link or paying a small amount) in order to access the locked area of a website or webpage. This is normally done by authority websites.

Website Content Locking

Common content copy methods include, text copy-paste (via mouse right click or keyboard control keys), image save, and source code viewing. Content locking is used when you are too serious about your work and do not want others to violate/copy your content.

There are many WordPress plugins to prevent content copying you can use, if you have a WordPress hosted website. However, if its on another platform, you can Google around, find a protector script and paste it on website source pages.

The problem with current (or let’s say, most of) content lockers is that they are plugins that simply shade over the content to be locked but in fact if anyone who goes into the source of the site you can access all the content you like.

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P.S. – Content locking does not prevent you from ranking on Google. It is just to make the content locked for visitors/readers. Google is a master of reading web source text, so do not worry about it.

What can a content locker do?

There are many functions a content protector script can do. A few of them are:

  • Disables mouse right click context menu on all contentContent Locking
  • Disables text selection
  • Disables text and image drag/drop/save on PC and mobile devices
  • Basic image protection (image link URL’s are automatically removed)
  • Copy methods disabled from onscreen keyboard and shortcut context key
  • Disables right click and save function on default video and audio embeds
  • Disables keyboard copy controls (CTRL A, C, X) – Windows only
  • Disables ‘Source view’, ‘Save Page’, and ‘Print’ key functions
  • Disables f shortcut key for accessing developer tools to view source code

Why do you need a Content Locker?

  • Help build email list
  • Increases website traffic and social shares through referral system where a visitor/reader is asked to share the content to X number of people to unlock the content.
  • Can make you extra income by adding a micro-payment feature where a person is asked to pay a small amount to unlock the content (normally done by authority websites)
  • Boosts viral content.┬áIncrease in shares automatically make your content viral.

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